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Apocalyptic AI: Visions of Heaven in Robotics, Artificial - download pdf or read online

By Robert M. Geraci

ISBN-10: 0195393023

ISBN-13: 9780195393026

Apocalyptic AI, the desire that we'd someday add our minds into machines or our on-line world and reside without end, is an incredibly accepted and influential notion, affecting every thing from the realm view of on-line avid gamers to govt study investment and philosophical inspiration. In Apocalyptic AI, Robert Geraci deals the 1st severe account of this "cyber-theology" and the folks who put it on the market. Drawing on interviews with roboticists and AI researchers and with devotees of the net online game moment lifestyles, between others, Geraci illuminates the tips of such advocates of Apocalyptic AI as Hans Moravec and Ray Kurzweil. He unearths that the rhetoric of Apocalyptic AI is strikingly just like that of the apocalyptic traditions of Judaism and Christianity. In either structures, the believer is trapped in a dualistic universe and expects a solution during which she or he should be translated to a transcendent new global and dwell without end in a glorified new physique. both very important, Geraci exhibits how this worldview shapes our tradition. for example, Apocalyptic AI has inspired investment organisations similar to the nationwide technological know-how beginning, supporting to prioritize robotics and AI study. It has develop into the ideology of selection for on-line players, akin to these interested in moment lifestyles; it has had a profound impression at the learn of the brain; and it has encouraged scientists and theologians alike to ask yourself concerning the great robots of the long run. may still we predict of robots as individuals? what sort of morality could clever robots espouse? Apocalyptic AI has develop into a strong strength in glossy tradition. during this really good quantity, Robert Geraci shines a gentle in this trust approach, revealing what it really is and the way it truly is altering society.

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Like Moravec and Kurzweil, Warwick and de Garis have written entire books that offer evidence in support of the AI apocalypse and advocate it on morally normative grounds. Before his retirement, Moravec was principal research scientist at the famed Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute, where he founded the Mobile 22 apocalyptic ai Robotics Laboratory. His work in mobile robotics was seminal; he is a “living legend” (Gutkind 2006, 93). One of his former colleagues considers Moravec the single most important figure in mobile robotics, which is the field of getting robots to navigate through physical environments (Choset 2007).

Studies indicating the prevalence of politics in scientific research (Greenberg [1967] 1999) and progress (Kuhn [1962] 1996) revolutionized the way that sociologists and philosophers approached science. Science’s seemingly unassailable air of epistemological purity dissolved in a cacophony of critical stances, from the sociological (Barnes, Bloor, and Henry 1996) to the feminist (Harding 1988; Haraway 1997). One universally accepted standard among commentators, if not scientists themselves, is that science is certainly not separated from the rest of society, able to arrive at empirical conclusions in a purely “objective” manner.

Within cyberspace, “entire world histories . . will be resurrected” (Moravec 1999, 167). When all of history can be simu lated with perfect accuracy and “fast forwarded” to reveal the future of each historical simulation, time has utterly lost its traditional meaning—all times are copresent in the virtual kingdom come. The collapse of time enables other, more traditional religious promises, such as the resurrection of the dead, which is promised by Moravec (1988, 122–4; 1999, 167–8), Kurzweil (Kushner 2009; Ptolemy 2009) and other commentators such as Giulio Prisco (2007a, 2007b, 2007c), to whom 36 apocalyptic ai we shall return in chapter three.

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