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By Allan B. Cobb

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Biological species are sometimes placed on a continuum between rselected and k-selected, depending on whether their population dynamics tend to correspond more to exponential or logistic growth. In r-selected species, there tend to be dramatic fluctuations, including periods of exponential growth followed by population crashes. These species are particularly suited to taking advantage of brief periods of great resource abundance, and are specialized for rapid growth and reproduction along with good capabilities for dispersing.

Thus these organisms are considered to be ancestral to plants, fungi and animals. While the majority of plankton are unicellular and therefore considered to be simple eukaryotic organisms, at the cellular level they are extremely complex. Plankton should be considered an organism in itself and not be compared to a single cell from a multicellular organism. Despite their small size, plankton are the very basis for life in the earth’s various ecosystems. An ecosystem is comprised of all the organisms living in a community and all abiotic factors with which the organisms interact.

Eventually all the food that can be produced may still be inadequate to support the population. Resources like water and energy may reach their limits. There is no reason to believe that human populations will not also be regulated by environment. Mass starvation has already occurred in regions where natural catastrophes destroy food resources and hinder the attempts of other populations to help. There are scientists and governments that advocate population regulation on a voluntary basis to 33 Porifera keep the human population from exceeding the carrying capacity of the Earth.

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Animal Sciences: 4 by Allan B. Cobb

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