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A Wholly Different Way Of Living by Jiddu Krishnamurti, Allan W Anderson PDF

By Jiddu Krishnamurti, Allan W Anderson

At a time of extraordinary outer swap within the political and social spheres, is there a primary internal swap that's demanded of every one in all us? within the eighteen dialogues with Professor Allan W Anderson, Emeritus Professor of spiritual reports at San Diego country collage. J. Krishnamurti shows that pinning our hopes on geared up faith, technology, political ideology or the industry economic climate not just fails to deal with easy human difficulties yet truly creates them. They manner out of our problems, Krishnamurti states, can in basic terms begin within the brain of every one in all us, in an knowledge of how we really understand existence, ourselves and others. Professor Anderson, all through those dialogues, refers to many passages of Western and jap spiritual scriptures that he believes were misunderstood and which in reality aid Krishnamurti's statements. The dialogues, reproduced in an edited and just a little abridged model during this e-book, came about at San diego kingdom collage from 18 to twenty-eight February 1974.

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A: Oh yes, yes. I see, that distinction seems to me to be absolutely necessary, otherwise it wouldn't be intelligible. K: So knowledge is necessary to act in the sense, my going home from here to the place I live; I must have knowledge. I must have knowledge to speak English. I must have knowledge to write a letter, and so on, everything. The knowledge as function, mechanical function, is necessary. Now if I use that knowledge in my relationship with you, another human being I am bringing about a barrier, a division between you and me, who is the observer.

A: It's as though we fear something about the serious. K: Sir, look! As we said yesterday, the world is in a mess and it's my responsibility living in this world as a human being who has created this mess, it's my responsibility to be serious in the resolution of this problem. I am serious. It doesn't mean I am long faced, I am miserable, unhappy, or I want something out of it. It has got to be solved. It's like if one has cancer, one is serious about it. You don't play around with it. A: Action in relation to this seriousness then is instantaneous.

Serious in the sense put aside my peculiar prejudices and idiosyncrasies and listen to what you are saying, because the listening is the miracle: not what shall I do with what you have said. A: Not what shall I listen to... K: But the act of listening. A: But the act of listening. K: Yes. A: We are back to 'ing', where there's listening itself. K: That requires that you are good enough to listen to me because you want to find out. But the vast majority say what are you talking about, I want to go on enjoying myself so go and talk to somebody else.

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A Wholly Different Way Of Living by Jiddu Krishnamurti, Allan W Anderson

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