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A Second Shot Teacher's Resource Guide by Saddleback Educational Publishing PDF

By Saddleback Educational Publishing

ISBN-10: 1622507770

ISBN-13: 9781622507771

The 16-page Teacher's source publications offer 10 reproducible actions in keeping with identify to increase pupil examining abilities. easily decide upon and print actions that you just want.

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II. Series. 6083—dc22 2011012313 Cherry Lake Publishing would like to acknowledge the work of The Partnership for 21st Century Skills. org for more information. Printed in the United States of America Corporate Graphics Inc. July 2011 CLFA09 CONTENTS Strangers Are Everywhere A Stranger Could Mean Danger What to Do When a Stranger Comes Near No Strangers, No Dangers Glossary Find Out More Index About the Author STRANGERS ARE EVERYWHERE Imagine you are playing outside by yourself. Someone comes up and starts talking to you.

Tell that person about the stranger. Run away from the stranger if no one you know is nearby. Run inside a building if you can. Be sure to lock the door. Adults you know and trust will be happy to help you stay safe. Defend yourself if a stranger tries to grab you. Kick and punch the stranger as hard as you can. Then run away as soon as you can get free. You should also yell for help. Be as loud as you can. Other people will hear you and come running. Yelling might also scare the stranger away.

Instead, they look for children who are alone. CREATE! Ask your parents to help create a plan for you to follow if a stranger ever bothers you. Practice the plan over and over. Then you can be sure it will work if you ever need to use it. Don’t go out of your house or your school by yourself. Always stay close to your parents when you are in a store. Stay with your friends when you are at a playground. There are many people who want to keep you safe. Make sure you always stay close to them! Playing with a group of friends is fun and can help keep you safe.

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A Second Shot Teacher's Resource Guide by Saddleback Educational Publishing

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