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By Barbara Shaw McKinney

This booklet is a year-after-year favourite with lecturers. It engagingly leads readers worldwide following a drop of water - no matter if as steam or snow, inside of a plant or animal, or underground - educating the wonders and significance of the water cycle. (There is a lot of geography, too.) 4 pages of technological know-how concerning the features of water are incorporated.

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This is called distilled water. Body Buddy Water sneaks in and out of your body every day, all the time, whether you know it or not. It soaks right into your skin when you get wet, and you even inhale it as vapor when you breathe! When you squeeze an orange and drink the juice, it mostly consists of water that the orange tree drank from the ground. And almost everything you eat has lots of water in it. An apple is about 84 percent water, a carrot is about 88 percent water, and lettuce is 95 percent water.

Temperature Tamer What’s the biggest difference between Earth and Mars, Jupiter, or any other planet? Answer: Earth is the water planet! Unlike other planets, Earth has lots of water in all three forms: solid, liquid, and gas. Most important, Earth’s perfect distance from the sun lets water flow as a liquid. Water on planets closer to the sun would evaporate in the great heat. Water on planets farther away from the sun would freeze in the extreme cold. In all three states, but especially as a liquid, water helps to keep Earth’s temperature moderate.

Or, it might be pumped out of a man-made hole called a well. The Green Machine Water keeps our Earth green and healthy! Seeds need water to sprout and become plants. Water usually flows down, but plants draw it up through roots, stems, and tree trunks! Like a magic potion, it dissolves vitamins from the soil, transports them up into the plant, and works with sunshine to make food in the leaves. When its job is done, it’s breathed out through little holes under the leaves as vapor in a process called transpiration.

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