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Positive charges build up until the tiniest particles of lunar dust (measuring 1 micrometre and smaller) are repelled from the surface and lofted anywhere from metres to kilometres high, with the smallest particles reaching the highest altitudes. Eventually they fall back toward the surface where the process is repeated over and over again. On the night side, the dust is negatively charged by electrons in the solar wind. Indeed, the fountain model suggests that the night side would charge up to higher voltages than the day side, possibly launching dust particles to higher velocities and altitudes.

Volcanic rilles near the crater Prinz Volcanic domes within the Mons Rümker complex Wrinkle ridges within the crater Letronne Rima Ariadaeus is a graben. NASA photo taken during Apollo 10 mission. A large portion of maria erupted within, or flowed into, the low-lying impact basins on the lunar nearside. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that a causal relationship exists between the impact event and mare volcanism because the impact basins are much older (by about 500 million years) than the mare fill.

Solar weathering processes The major solar weathering processes involved in the formation of lunar soil are:     Comminution: breaking of rocks and minerals into smaller particles; Agglutination: welding of mineral and rock fragments together by micrometeorite-impact-produced glass; Solar wind spallatation and implantation: sputtering caused by impacts of high energy particles; and Fire fountaining: deposition of dark-mantled (DM) deposits, such as the shorty crater orange soil. Properties The significance of acquiring appropriate knowledge of lunar soil properties is great.

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