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By Benjamin Wiker

ISBN-10: 1596980559

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You've heard of the "Great Books"?
These are their evil opposites. From Machiavelli's The Prince to Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto to Alfred Kinsey's Sexual habit within the Human Male, those "influential" books have resulted in battle, genocide, totalitarian oppression, kin breakdown, and disastrous social experiments. And but those authors' undesirable rules are nonetheless well known and pervasive--in truth, they may impact your individual pondering with out your figuring out it. the following with the antidote is Professor Benjamin Wiker. In his scintillating new ebook, 10 Books That Screwed Up the area (And five Others that did not Help), he seizes every one of those evil books by way of its malignant middle and exposes it to the sunshine of day. during this witty, realized, and provocative exposé, you are going to learn:

* Why Machiavelli's The Prince was once the foundation for an extended checklist of tyrannies (Stalin had it on his nightstand)
* How Descartes' Discourse on procedure "proved" God's life in basic terms by way of making Him a production of our personal ego
* How Hobbes' Leviathan ended in the assumption that we've got a "right" to no matter what we want
* Why Marx and Engels's Communist Manifesto may well win the award for the main malicious booklet ever written
* How Darwin's The Descent of guy proves he meant "survival of the fittest" to be utilized to human society
* How Nietzsche's past sturdy and Evil issued the decision for an international governed exclusively by means of the "will to power"
* How Hitler's Mein Kampf used to be a type of "spiritualized Darwinism" that debts for his genocidal anti-Semitism
* How the pansexual paradise defined in Margaret Mead's Coming of Age in Samoa became out to be a production of her personal sexual confusions and aspirations
* Why Alfred Kinsey's Sexual habit within the Human Male used to be easily autobiography masquerading as science

Witty, surprising, and instructive, 10 Books That Screwed Up the realm deals a short schooling at the worst principles in human history--and how we will be able to keep away from them within the future.

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But because he was self-taught and perhaps had mild dyslexia, he had great trouble reading standard musical notation. He decided to invent his own system of notation, thinking that his ingenious improvement would make him rich and famous. After he presented it to the prestigious Academie des Sciences, the teachers there pointed out to him that, although the new notation of the melody was quite creative, it could not represent harmony. A rather obvious drawback, but rel­ atively harmless. However, Rousseau made the same kind of mis­ take when attempting to work out ingenious improvements in political philosophy.

Indeed, they were little more than animals. They had no language; they were creatures of the senses, not of reason. As in Hobbes's vision, these original human beings were naturally solitary. Neither love nor the family was natural. "5 Rousseau goes so far in his imaginative destruction of love and the family that he denies even the love of mother and child. "The mother nursed her children at first for her own need; then, habit having endeared them to her, she nourished them afterward for their need.

Is a condition of war of every one against every one; in which case every one is governed by his own reason, " for anyone and everyone, "there is nothing he can make use of, that may not be a help unto him, in preserving his life against his enemies. " Therefore, "it followeth, that in such a condition, every man has a right to every thing; even to one another's body. " Which is the most egregiously fantastical fiction? Is it that our natural condition is one of war? Is it that, in our natural state, everyone is governed by his own reason (meaning, for Hobbes, that each person acts like a cunning, ruthless Machiavellian)?

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